Patricia Ramos Alcayaga



Name : Patricia Ramos Alcayaga

Nationality:  Chile

Birthday day: 29 April 1952


  • 2009 – 2010 Exhibitions and Demostrations of art  in horse shows and championships in  9 different states in the USA Supported by a company called Capture the Soul
  • 2009 · Active member, cofunder of “Hope for Horses, USA”. “Hope for Horses” represent my art trough diverse events, art gallerys and others in USA. Director: Whitney Wright.
  • 2008 Presentations in diverse ecuestrian events in Ashville,NC,USA
  • 2008 “Merrimon Galleries, Ashville,NC,USA” Individual exposition
  • 2008 “Merrimon Galleries, Ashville,NC,USA” A special invitation for a live painting demonstration
  • 2007 “Casa Collahuasi, Chile” Art Room, individual exhibition.
  • 2006 “Elqui Total” Gallery of Art, Elqui Valley, La Serena, special Invitation for its inaugural opening, individual exhibition.
  • National championship of Roundup, Invitation to exhibit individually by the National Federation of Roundups of Chile.
  • 2004 Art Room of the plastic surgery clinic of Dr Héctor Valdés, near Farellones, individual Exhibition.
  • 2003 Gabriela Mistral Museum, Vicuña, individual exhibition (Invitation of Honor for the anniversary of the birth of the poetess).
  • Municipality of Pirque, Pirque Events, individual exhibition.
  • 2002 World Equestrian Championship, “Quillota”, individual exhibition.
  • 2001 Dos Galerías Workshop, Rancagua, joint exhibition.
  • 1999 National Society of Fine Arts, “National Exhibition”, Prize Honorable Mention, joint exhibition.
  • 1998 “Club of the Republic”, individual exhibition.
  • Gabriela Mistral Museum and House of Culture, Vicuña, exhibition of paintings of Gabriela Mistral.
  • 1997 Museum of Santiago, Casa Colorada, individual exhibition.
  • “Puerto Velero” sea resort, La Serena, joint exhibition.
  • 1996 Marbella Resort Hotel, individual exhibition.
  • National Exhibition of Ceramic Artists, Le Serena, joint exhibition.
  • National Society of Fine Arts, Autumn Exhibition, joint exhibition.
  • National Society of Fine Arts, Autumn Exhibition, joint exhibition, Prize Honorable Mention.
  • 1994 Life insurance company, La Interamericana, individual exhibition.
  • 1993 National Society of Fine Arts, Autumn Exhibition, joint exhibition.
  • Society of Fine Arts, Painter Members, joint exhibition.
  • ENDESA National Electricity Company, joint exhibition.
  • Metro of Santiago, individual exhibition.
  • 1989 “Les Jardins de Villiers” (charge of Mr Luis Roman), Paris, and in a Shopping Mall (charge of Mrs Marie Quidelleur) in Vannes, Brittany, individual exhibition.
  • 1987 Circle of Journalists, joint exhibition.
  • 1985 Franco-Chilean Association of Engineers and Technicians, joint exhibition.


Individual and general exhibitions in Chile. Individual exhibitions in France: Cities of Paris and Vannes.
Several distinctions of honor from the Chilean Society of Fine Arts (general expositions).
Guest of Honor of the Museum of the City of Vicuña (Chile) for an individual exhibition celebrating the birth of Chile greatest poet, Gabriela Mistral (Lucila Godoy Alcayaga), a relative of Patricia Ramos Alcayaga; both women are native of La Serena, a sea-side city in the north of Chile.
Several of Patricia Ramos Alcayaga`s paintings are found in private collections throughout France, Spain and Egypt.
Painting teacher (pastel and oil mediums).
Speciality: portraits and equestrian scenes.
Associate member of the French Agency for Technical and Industrial Cooperation for South America (ACTIM), where she acts as a translator from Spanish into French.

Patricia Ramos Alcayaga

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